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Hesh Matthew Miller Ardario is an American Rapper and Actor. He is the first person in the world to get 3.2 billion views on his YouTube video, "Why Am I Doing This", uploaded by MariXVEVO. He is also record holder of "most tied shoes in one minute".


Born: October 26, 1993 (age 23)

Birthplace: Rio De Janiero, Brazil

Parents: Lisa Buce, Dave Buce, Liz Miller, Eugene Miller, Craig Furst, Ezmaralda Furst

Children: Lizzy Ardario, John Ardario, Lola Ardario, Lila Ardario

Spouse(s): Raegaan Daenyrs (m. 2011, div.2012), Kiley Davy (m. 2014, div. 2014), Ella Ardario (m. 2016)

Religion: Cabalah

Albums: Why (2016), I'm Alive (2017)

Latest activityEdit

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